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Southern Paranormal Society

Photos of real ghosts, orbs, ectoplasm, graves and cemeteries. Based in South Carolina the Southern Paranormal Society is an organization based souly on capturing pictures, video and evp recordings of haunted locations in the southeastern states



Church of the Holy Cross, Sumter S.C
Dazell, North 261 Church Cemetery is haunted by a Confederate Soldier that apparently had an untimely death. Eyewitnesses said they see the nan strolling through the cemetery, but dissapears before they can approach him. There is also a woman sitting in a lowlying tree with her legs crossed. THIS SITE IS HAUNTED


Gum Pond Manning, S.C
The ghost of a sturdy lumberjack gripping a sizeable axe is regularly noticed at the stroke of midnight ascending out of Gum Pond covered in slime. Loads of folks who live here declare this ghost enjoys scaring unwise folks who have the courage to interrupt the tranquility in Manning. In any event, it's a terrifying phantom that you wouldn't want to meet in the early morning hours

Colonel Kolbs Tomb, Society Hill, Darlington S.C

Legend states that if you go out to Colonel Kolbs tomb at night, you will hear someone walking through the woods after a while. You may even see the ghost of man standing near you! Colonel Kolb and his family were burned alive at this site during the Revolutionary War.

Directions-Take Highway 15 to S.H., right on old River Road 1 mile, in the woods

Manning Cemetery, Dead Mans Curve, Mannning S.C

Dead Mans Curve On the side of the road in dead mans curve you can see an old ghost like figure sitting in a rocking chair on certain nights, when the moon is right. It is believed by many that the mans son was ran over and killed in the curve, so he sat there waiting on the driver of the car who killed his son until he died, but his spirit lives on and still waits on the driver

Martinsville Church Rd. Sumter S.C
The history of this church is really unknown.This is a very old unused church and there is a cemetery behind the church with a large iron gate.At the cemetery entrance people have heard singing and have seen faint lights on in the chruch.

Lamar School Church, Lamar S.C

This is an old school that was also used as a Church. Many years ago, it is believed that the teacher and several children were infected with a deadly virus. The place is said to be haunted by the children and teacher that died in the building while under quarantine


Salem Black River Church, Sumter S.C

the church and graveyard is said to be haunted by a priest from the early 1900s. his family died from a plague and he was the only member alive. he cursed god and started satanic seances and satanic mischief. there's a old shack behind the church that used to be his. late at night you sometimes can see a light on in there but there is no glass in the windows and you can also see a figure. the graveyard is right next to the church. there is two grave yards there. the front one is just normal people but the back is the priests graveyard. it is haunted by all the priests of the church. it is located right off of highway 378


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